There’s no reason that your daily get-clean routines need to be boring. Start your day off right with a little bit of luxury by adding a few elegant touches to your bathroom. When we think of creating stylish spaces it’s important to remember that everyone has their own tastes. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement but try to balance the style of the rest of your home with the architecture of the house itself. A full contemporary remodel in an older Victorian home tends to feel off. If you love a modern look but need to match an older home style, there are plenty of ways to blend period pieces to create the perfect look.

Let’s take a look at some styling tips for those who are remodeling and those who aren’t tackling that project yet.

Style Tips for Planning a Remodel to Add Elegance to your Bathroom

If you’re ready for a bathroom remodel, you can make a big style difference by making the right selections for showers, tubs, and fixtures.

  • Marble: Use neutral-toned marble patterns for a striking appearance with a high-end feel.
  • Shower Enclosures: All glass shower enclosures all for maximum natural light to filter through the room, making even small bathrooms appear much larger.
  • Walk-In Showers: If you’re not getting the most out of your builder’s grade tub and shower combo, consider replacing the whole thing with an extra-large marble-tiled walk-in shower.
  • Fixtures: Several different metals can go really well with marble patterns. Choose your faucets and handles based on the vein color in your tile pattern.
  • Mirrors: We love the look of a big mirror in a bathroom. Similar to glass shower enclosures, mirrors help brighten the room by reflecting natural light.

Choosing the Right Marble for your Elegant Bathroom Remodel

Marble is a rock that is cut and polished to create beautiful tiles. Marble tile is well-known for its mottled patterns and natural hues. It can be toned in a cool color palette with whites and greys or a warmer look with browns. Marble can also be matched to traditional, modern, or contemporary styles. Common marble options for the bathroom include:

  • Calcutta Marble
  • Carrara Marble
  • Pompeii Marble
  • White Marble
  • Bianco Travertine

Choose Built-In Features for Added Comfort

Since you’re remodeling your bathroom now is the perfect time to get exactly what you want. Consider adding safety grab bars, shelving, or a bench seat that is styled to match your elegant space rather than relying on something you picked up at the drug store.

A Few Post-Remodel Decorating Tips

The builders will take care of the hard work of replacing your tub or shower. And the new fixtures definitely provide the perfect canvas to create an elegant space. But the real work comes in when you begin to style the room. Here are a few more tips for interior decorating that you can handle on your own.

  • Storage: Get creative with your storage and keep personal care items out of sight. Clean, white pottery can be a versatile look for most elegant bathrooms.
  • Patterns: Use patterns that pop against your tile choice for visual interest. Think about hanging small pieces of wall art that feature interesting geometric designs or swapping out a traditional shower curtain set for luxurious drapes lined with a vinyl shower liner.
  • Light: Use natural light to your advantage. If you have a small window in the bathroom, add a privacy film and a sheer curtain to bring the most light in. Enhance artificial lighting with a pendant or small chandelier.
  • Accessories: Splurge on a classy gold metal wastebasket. Go high-end with your towels, bathmats, and other textiles. Spruce it up with a few candles and a glass soap dispenser.
  • Create a Focal Point: Make a big statement with bold wallpaper or an oversized ornate mirror.

The Bottom Line on Creating an Elegant Bathroom

There are dozens of things that you can do—big and small to dress up your space and add a little elegance. If you’re on a budget, start with white. A clean and bright white base is perfect for adding layers of accessories to create an elegant feel. From updating your shower space and choosing the right tile to coordinate fixtures and accessories, Home Pro of West Michigan is your go-to bathroom remodeling expert in the Grand Rapids area. Call to schedule your design consultation today.